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The full catastrophe — The election of Donald Trump: Hopes, illusions and reality

Donald Trump has won an electoral victory in the November 8 , 2016 presidential elections, despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won a majority of the popular vote. Amplifying Trump’s power and removing most of…

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Donald Trump, Russian stooge: Putin’s Trojan horse within striking distance of victory over NATO, the EU, and the Atlantic Alliance

Developing This article has not been indexed by Google. See “Not indexed by Google: Trenchant Observer article with text of Security Council Resolution 2118; the unregulated power of a totalitarian instrument of thought control,” The…

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Vice-Presidential debate: Pence pushes Kaine and Clinton on military action in Syria

Developing In VP Debate, Pence Reveals Thrust of Foreign Policy Attack Against Clinton During the Vice-Presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Spence, Spence revealed a powerful line of critique of Barack Obama’s foreign policy…

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BREAKING NEWS — U.S. says very high likelihood Russia bombed humanitarian aid convoy in Syria

LATE BREAKING NEWS!!! Developing Eric Schmitt, Michael R. Gordon, and Somini Sengupta, “U.S. Officials Say Russia Probably Attacked U.N. Humanitarian Convoy,” New York Times, September 20, 2016. Valdimir Putin may have ripped off his mask…

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Herd journalists: The most deplorable in Trump’s “basket of deplorables” (Updated September 16, 2016)

Updated Octrober 8, 2016 See Gunda Trepp, “Wahlkampf in Amerika Die Medien haben ihren Auftrag vergessen; Im amerikanischen Wahlkampf kommen viele Journalisten ihrer Sorgfaltspflicht nicht mehr nach. Sie setzen die erfahrene Clinton und den politischen…

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Beyond Trump and the November elections: Is a coherent U.S. foreign policy possible?

2016 is a good year to be observing what people in the United States are saying about foreign policy. There are new and dangerous currents in U.S. politics which may affect foreign policy. To try…