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Syria: Russian victory, American defeat

See Stefan Kornelius, “Syrien: Wo bleiben die USA?,” Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 7. Februar 2016 (22:05 Uhr). “Ein offener Staaten-Krieg mit Syrien im Zentrum steht kurz bevor. Die Amerikaner schauen ziemlich hilflos zu. Dabei bräuchten die Türkei,…

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2016: Fateful time for a conversation about international law

Does any of this matter? Do we care any more about whether one country invades another by military force? Does it matter how we respond? It has been 30 years, more or less, since there…

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War criminal Bashar al-Assad charges British air attacks illegal

Bashar al-Assad is recently quoted as complaining that British air attacks against ISIS in Syria are illegal. ZeitOnline und AFP, “Assad nennt britische Luftangriffe “illegal”; Die Angriffe der britischen Luftwaffe auf den IS seien schädlich,…

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REPRISE: Crumbling world order: Power politics and international law

First published on September 10, 2015 See Stefan Kornelius, “Putins Machtspiele; Ruhe in der Ukraine, Druck in Syrien. Russlands Präsident sendet rätselhafte Signale. Sucht er einen Weg aus der Isolation? Oder einen neuen Schauplatz, um…

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Thinking clearly about Putin and Syria

Barack Obama, John Kerry and other Western leaders should always bear in mind wiho Vladimir Putin is, and what he has done in the last four years with respect to Syria, the Crimea, the eastern…

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REPRISE: Veterans’ Day, 2011: “Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?”

First published, November 11, 2011 My uncle died in a field in northern France with a German bullet in his head. To him, and all the other veterans of America’s wars, I am immensely grateful…