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Aleppo: Srebrenice on a massive scale

Developing See Liz Sly and Louisa Loveluck, “Darkness and fear in Aleppo as the bombs rain down,” Washington Post, September 28, 2016 (6:12 p.m.). Srebrenice, 1995: 8,000 Muslim men and boys massacred Aleppo: 2016: Over…

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Reasoning from conclusions: Blind hope as the basis for U.S. foreign policy in Syria

Developing See Karen DeYoung, “U.S. calls on Russia and Syria to ground all aircraft in northwest Syria,” Washington Post, September 21, 2016 (8:28 PM). Karen deYoung and Missy Ryan, “Pentagon grudgingly accepts Syria deal amid…

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Obama’s capitulation ———- Russia bombs U.S. and British support base in Syria: U.S. responds by caving in on Ukraine sanctions on Russia

Developing Russia has bombed U.S. and U.K. support bases and facilities in Syria, on June 16 and July 12, 2016. One of the most significant aspects of these events, perhaps, is that the administration of…