“Analyst-in-Chief” muddies waters; “Commander-in-Chief” cannot be found

Urgent Messasge to President Obama: “Stop Talking!”

As a lawyer and former law professor, The Observer finds it painful to criticize one from his own profession.

As an international lawyer who is also a student of international politics and history, The Observer is constrained to advise the president, most urgently, to please stop talking to the media and analyzing what is going on in Libya. The place for the president’s analysis is in the councils of state, not competing for attention on CNN.

After creating a problem out of thin air with his too cute “spinning” of world perceptions of who is coordinating allied military actions against Libya, the president has now compounded his folly by acting as news analyst for the nation and advising us that Qadaffi may do this, or he may do that.

Please, Mr. President, resist the temptation to treat the world with your stream of consciousness analysis of what is going on in Libya, or anywhere else. We have enough news commentators. If they are wrong, you don’t have to correct them.

Please, just try to be an effective Commander-in-Chief, and lead this nation through these difficult and challenging times. Not with your words, but with your actions.


The Trenchant Observer