Where can Trump go to escape the law? China?

Donald Trump has been musing about where he might go if he loses the election and has to leave the country,

He is smart to be thinking about where he might escape to in order to escape American law and justice.

In our first analysis we pointed out certain factors he ought to consider in reaching a decision.

At first glace, he would seem to be well-advised to avoid countries that have an extradition treaty with the United States. That would rule out:

United Kingdom
the 27 members of the European Union

In our first article, we considered the advantages of Trump and his entourage moving to Russia, which does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S., and which should definitely rank high on the list of possible relocation countries.

In a second look, we examined the question of whether the existence of an extradition treaty with the United States should automatically rule out a country.

Taking a close look at the advantages for Trump and his collaborators of a move to the Bahamas, and after a detailed analysis of the U.S.-Bahamas extradition treaty, we concluded that Trump and his collaborators should place the Bahamas at or near the top of their list of countries they might want to relocate to.

But there are also other countries that have their advantages, and which Trump and his collaborators might wish to consider.


Foremost among other countries to consider is China. Donald Trump obviously has been fascinated with China and its potential for his businesses for a long time. Up until at least February of 2020, he professed to be a great friend and admirer of Chinese President Xi Jingpen.  Revealing a level of trust between the two, Trump even urged Xi to take a stronger hand against the Uighurs in Xinjiang province.

Trump and his family have been trying to develop business in China for years. Shortly after he took office in 2017, his daughter Ivanka secured approval for a number of her trademark applications. Her husband, Jared Kushner, avidly sought Chinesc investors  to take over his troubled property at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City. The deal didn’t go through.  Kushner might have had better luck had the address been 888 Fifth Avenue.  Catholic investors were apparently spooked by the real address.

Moreover, it was learned this week that Trump already has a bank account in China, through one of his companies, and that he withdrew some $15 million from its bank account after taking office.

To be sure, they speak Chinese in China, not English as in the Bahamas,  But practically all of the younger educated people speak English, and very often surprisingly well.

Some people are saying that Donald Trump was studying Chinese in late 2019 and early 2020, and that a major reason he blew up at China, on the purported grounds that they were responsible for the “Wuhan virus” or the “China virus”, was that he had had a  falling out with his Chinese tutor over his failure to do his homework and his atrocious pronunciation.  Moreover, he had not been making much progress in reading and writing, because he grew livid with rage whenever anyone questioned or sought to offer instruction regarding his character.

Be that as it may, Trump could easily find the kind of blond, lithesome Chinese tutors in China who could stimulate his interest and motivate him to master the language, at least at an introductory level.

Another of China’s advantages is that it is a huge country, with many locations where he could build Trump Towers in cities, Trump Golf Resorts, and Trump Tower and Casino Resorts.  Macau, in particulat, has a highly developed tourist and gambling scene. In the South, China has a warm climate and many fine beaches where Trump could build a Mar-a-Lago East that could become the envy of the world.

Another advantage that China offers is that it has many billionnaires and multi-millionnaires, just the sort of people that Trump and his collaborators like to associate with.

Hong Kong, a short distance across the water from Macau,  is an important financial center and would be an interesting place to build a Trump Tower. However, Trump should proceed carefully here, as Hong Kong has an extradition treaty with the U.S.  It is not clear if it could be applied, given the uncertain legal status of Hong Kong since the People’s Republic of China took over the autonomous region earlier this year.

The fact that Trump did not object to the P.R.C.’s actions in Hong Kong will have certainly pleased Xi Jinping and Chinese Communist Party leaders.  In any event, as our analysis of the U.S.-Bahamas extradition treaty makes clear, the mere existence of an extradition treaty should not in and of itself be a decisive factor in the relocation decision of Trump and his collaborators.

Because China has so many advantages and is such a huge country, we will have to continue our consideration of its relocation advantages in a future article.

The Trenchant Observer