Trump issues veiled call for the assassination of Joe Biden

Our thanks go out to Aaron Blake, who had the courage to report some of the truly disturbing things Trump has been saying at his rallies and in his tweets.

Blake reported today,

Speaking to supporters in Opa-locka, Fla., on Sunday night into Monday, the president, who faces potential defeat this week, began sizing up his opponent Joe Biden’s physical attributes and describing how he might beat him up.

“So those legs — those legs, they’ve gotten very thin,” Trump said. “Not a lot of base.”

He continued, drawing his words out carefully and slowly. “You wouldn’t have to close,” he said, holding up a clenched fist and then releasing it, “you wouldn’t have to close the fi-.”

In a similar riff the day before, Trump’s sentiment was even clearer, though he again suggestively trailed off at the end: “A slight slap. You don’t have to close — even close your fist.”

Trump has also for weeks used a potentially suggestive word to describe Biden’s mental state, repeatedly referring to the idea that he’s “shot” — which critics suggest is a deliberate double entendre. At one point last week, he referred to the idea of Kamala D. Harris taking over, saying, “Three weeks in, Joe’s shot. Let’s go, Kamala, you ready?”
–See Aaron Blake, “On election eve, Trump dances around a powder keg with a lit match,” Washington Post, November 2, 2020 (11:13 a.m. EST).

Now, Trump’s dog-whistle encouragement of political violence has spilled into public view with what amounts to a dog-bullhorn call for the assassination of Joe Biden.

Blake’s article should be the lead story with a large headline above the fold in today’s newspapers. Instead, it is buried inside. The fact that the major newspapers will not give prominence to such an explosive story reveals that they are afraid of Donald Trump, and no longer have the courage to take him on frontally. NOTHING COULD BE MORE CONSEQUENTIAL THAN THIS STORY.

Trump has developed into an art form the commission of major crimes in full sight.

Similarly, while the New York Times did eventually publish a comprehensive story about the Reinoehl assassination, six weeks after it occurred, there was no follow up. The editors didn’t task their reporters with digging into the matter further. Cowardice at the highest levels of journalism.

Steve Bannon’s strategy to discredit the news was always to “flood the zone with shit”.

Trump’s veiled suggestion that Biden should be shot goes way beyond Bannon’s injunction, entering into an area which beyond any doubt constitutes another of Trump’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” for which he should be impeached and removed from office. Maybe he will be.

Where are the Republicans calling Trump out for this most recent outrage?  If they remain silent, they should be viewed by everyone as accomplices.

Incitement to shoot or murder a presidential candidate is a very serious felony. Once we have an independent Attorney General and Justice Department, again, they should conduct a very serious investigation into this matter. If that investigation results in the indictment of Donald Trump for inciting violence against a Presidential candidate, he can explain to the jury that he was “just kidding” or only meant that Biden would be “shot” in the sense of being worn out. The jury would take all of the surrounding circumstances into account in reaching its judgment.

We should remember Harvey Oswald, John Hinkley, and all of the other nuts who are running around out there, excited to a fever pitch by Trump’s rhetoric of violence.

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