Imagine: Adolf Hitler in the White House

Democrats and other opponents of Donald Trump have been incredibly naive over the last four years. They simply can’t imagine that, in this wonderful country whose democracy has stood firm for over 200 years–except during the Civil War (1861-1865)–a fascist American President would do anything necessary to retain his hold on power.

In order to set aside our innate American naïveté and innocent prejudices about what is and is not conceivable, it is useful to simply imagine that the fascist Leader in the American White House is Adolf Hitler.

If an incumbent President Hitler had just narrowly lost an American election, in which over 70 million voters had expressed their support for him and his party of abject collaborators, what would he be capable of doing in an effort to retain his hold on power?

What would he not be capable of doing, or attempting?  Subject to the same moral constraints which Hitler demonstrated he was subject to in Germany, and no others.

Would he hesitate to use threats and intimidation, or worse, to get state legislators to defy the majority will in selecting electors to cast the state’s votes in the Electoral College–the body which actually “elects” the President of the United States?

Would he be capable of simulating a terrorist attack, as occurred in Germany when the congress or Reichstag was burned down in March 1933, leading to the adoption of an Enabling Act which gave Hitler dictatorial powers?

Would he consider military action, such as a attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities in conjunction with Israel’s military forces?

Would he consider withdrawing from NATO?

At home, might Hitler fire all National Security officials who might oppose any “unconstitutional actions”?  Would he use the Insurrection Act to seize control of state legislatures to prevent them from certifying electors representing a majority of voters, in what he maintained–through all of his propaganda channels– were elections characterized by massive fraud?

Might Adolf Hitler orchestrate the assassination of leading Republican politicians who spoke out against him?

Those who still believe this is unimaginable in America should review the details of the Michael Reinoehl assassination on September 3, 2020, near Seattle.  See,

“The last days of Trump’s fascist campaign,” The Trenchant Observer, October 28, 2020.

Might he unleash his armed militias to create arson and looting in “Democrat cities”, leaving him “no choice” but to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy federal troops to reestablish “law and order” in major U.S.  cities?

Is there anything Adolf Hitler might not do, in order to retain his hold on power?

That’s the intellectual exercise.

Now, what should American democrats and supporters of the Constitution do, or be prepared to do, to defend the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to lead the next government of the United States?

The Trenchant Observer