Imagine: Hitler in the White House–Scheming to hold on to power

For background see,

1) “Imagine: Adolf Hitler in the White House,” The Trenchant Observer, November 9, 2020.

2) “How Trump Wins (Updated),” The trenchant Observer, November 11, 2020.

In our previous article imagining Adolf Hitler in the White House, we outlined the rationale for this exercise of the imagination, in the following terms:

In order to set aside our innate American naïveté and innocent prejudices about what is and is not conceivable, it is useful to simply imagine that the fascist Leader in the American White House is Adolf Hitler.

If an incumbent President Hitler had just narrowly lost an American election, in which over 70 million voters had expressed their support for him and his party of abject collaborators, what would he be capable of doing in an effort to retain his hold on power?

What would he not be capable of doing, or attempting? Subject to the same moral constraints which Hitler demonstrated he was subject to in Germany, and no others.

In our article of November 11 on “How Trump Wins (Updated),” we included a detailed analysis of what appears to be Trump’s and the Republicans’ strategy to win the presidency by preventing certification of the vote tallies in time for the Electoral Colllege meeting on December 14, 2020, thereby throwing the election to the House under the terms of the 12th and the 20 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

In this article, we combine the insights from these and other articles (see @trenchantobserv on Twitter), and imagine how Adolf Hitler, if he were the Leader in the White House today, in today’s circumstances, might scheme and think about how, with over 72 million voters having backed him in the Presidential election, he might use the tools of power at his disposal to secure re-election as President of the United States.

His imagined thoughts follow:


Let’s see, Adolph. we won over 72 million votes in the November 3, 2020  election, and we hold all of the powers of an incumbent president.  Joe Biden is reported to have won the electoral vote count, and the popular vote by some six million votes.

How can I secure my hold on power?

This problem is not as difficult as it might seem. Remember how we survived the 1923 Putsch (attempted coup) in Munich.  Of course I got to spend some time in jail, but jail gave me the time to express my ideas in Mein Kampf, which was a great propaganda success.  It also pulled together, in Chapter VI,  essential guidance for the use of propaganda

Remember how in Germany, with only 38% of the votes in the December 1932 elections, we were nonetheless the leading party and persuaded von Hindenburg to appoint me as Chancellor. Then, in March 1933 I had the brilliant idea of burning down the Reichstag and blaming it on the Communists. They never could prove I was behind it.

The Reichstag fire set the stage for our great triumph in the March 1933 elections, and the subsequent adoption of the Enabling Act, which gave me all of the dictatorial powers that I needed.  Now, as President in the White House, I have extraordinary Emergency Powers, many of which are highly classified.  Biden and his his crowd will be quite surprised at their nature and extent if I have to use them.  Actually, my team is trying to achieve our goals by using my powers only as needed, in an escalating manner.  If we succeed in delaying of electoral votes so Biden doesn’t get a majority of 270 when the Electoral College meets on December 14, I may not have to fully show my hand by using the greatest of my Emergency Powers, at this point in time.  They can be saved for later, in my second term.

After the 1933 elections, we brought everyone into line during the period of the Gleichshaltung, when everyone was forced to follow the Nazi line. We executed all the generals who might have posed any opposition, and then we were firmly in control. “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer (“One People, one Empire, one Leader”) became not only our slogan, but our reality.

Now, turning to the situation here in America on November 21, 2020, what is the situation and what needs to be done?

First, our greatest success has been in the field of mass propaganda.  Propaganda shapes the battlefield.  As I pointed out in Mein Kampf, the key to successful propaganda is to aim it at the masses, not the intellectuals, and to limit its content to only a few issues which even the least intelligent of the masses can grasp, and to repeat these few points endlessly until even the dumbest of the masses understand the message we are imparting to them.  The masses cannot remember anything for long, so the propaganda must be repeated over and over.

I have been brilliant in constantly repeating the charge that there has been massive electoral fraud, and it is only that fraud that threatens to enable the Democrats to steal the election which I won.   What we are doing now is defending my victory by reversing the massive electoral fraud the Democrats have committed.

Second, our legal experts tell me that it is really fairly simple, actually.  We need only to prevent the certification of state votes in enough states to prevent Joe Biden from winning the majority of the electoral votes that is required to select a president at the meeting of the Electoral College on December 14.

The Electoral College does not meet in a single place, but rather consists of separate meetings in each state. That makes things quite a bit simpler.  If developments aren’t going our way in the run-up to the December 14 meeting of the Electoral College, we can resort to stronger tactics, as we did in Germany.

We can threaten and intimidate the election officials responsible for certifying the election results or those responsible for appointing the electors  We know their names, where they live, and the names and habits of their children.   One kidnapped child could do a lot to persuade Republican (and even Democratic) officials to vote to not certify the election results, or to not appoint electors.

If even stronger methods are needed, we can do that.

The assassination of an election official, by individuals who could never be traced back to us, would probably persuade the other officials to vote our way.  Steve Bannon, with his public call for the beheading of Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Fauci, already has our supporters riled up and ready to act.  People around the country are talking about beheadings.

The risk here is not great.  The main media are afraid to take me on directly.  Following the Michael Reinoehl assassination near Seattle on September 3, 2020, the New York Times didn’t even write a comprehensive story for six weeks, and then didn’t do any follow-up reporting.  Six weeks!

The virus of hared is out there.  It is circulating.  That is good for us.

The Proud Boys have already sent key individuals warnings that they are being watched. “Stand down and stand by,” we said when asked in the Debate what we would say to these supporters.  Recently, we have sent out the word to them to “Stand Up”.  They and other groups, including armed militias, are mobilized and ready to act when they get the signal.  Bannon or someone else could just put out the word that election officials that certify the vote for Biden or appoint electors, when we oppose such action, should be beheaded.

All we have to do is to delay the vote count so that it cannot be certified by December 14, in a few key states, so that Biden can’t get a majority of 270 electoral votes on that day.

To slow the count, we have already launched a slew of lawsuits, and will launch more.  Now that the vote is largely counted, we have turned our attention to the election officials that must certify the vote before electors can be appointed at the state level.   And filing lawsuits to prevent their decisions from taking effect before December 14.

In Georgia, for example, we have gotten Senators Loeffler and Purdue to attack the Republican Secretary of State, demanding that he resign.  He didn’t, but their attacks should have softened him up to be more pliant in future decisions, e.g., on the recount. Earlier, Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called election officials in Georgia to see if they could throw out some Biden votes.

It doesn’t seem to have worked yet in Georgia, though we still have the recount we are requesting to play with, so that when we request a recount after the Secretary of State certifies the results (a Biden win), he will accede to our demands for a very time-consuming recount, which we might be able to slow even further with additional litigation.

But we also have other ways, beyond litigation, to slow the certification of vote counts and the appointment of electors, to ensure that Biden does not come up with 270 electoral votes on December 14.

We have many measures we can take, beyond those mentioned above, to prevent the appointment of 270 Biden electors by December 14.   We could close down the state legislatures due to the Covid-19 threat.  We could get our militias to start some arson and looting in major cities and state capitols, so that we are “forced” to invoke the Insurrection Act and send in federal troops to restore law and order.   Or there could be terrorist attacks or threats of such attacks, which might require us to send in federal troops to defend critical institutions such as state legislatures.   It would then be fairly easy to deny entrance to these buildings to legislators seeking to tally the electoral votes on December 14, in their separate state meetings.

And there are many more things we could do both before and after December 14 to affect the electoral tally and the counting of electoral votes on January 6 in the joint session of congress.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  We have to take this one day at a time.  Still, as of today, I think that things are going pretty well, and that I will win the “contingent election” in the House.

I’ve been underestimated before.  The Democrats and others are underestimating me now.  They are flush with victory, and feel over-confident and complacent.

I can work with that.


We shall continue to publish further updates in this series, Imagine: Adolf Hitler in the White House.

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