This is not a joke: Trump’s mass hypnosis and attempted coup

Donald Trump exercises mind control over millions of people. This mind control amounts to mass hypnosis, in which Trump has succeeded in making millions of people believe that he won the November 3 election, perhaps by a landslide, and that a grand cabal of opposing forces are engaged in a vast conspiracy to steal the election from him and the Republicans, and from them.

Trump has been following the authoritarian playbook for months, from sending federal forces (under Justice Department, not Pentagon, control) into Portland, to the introduction of federal forces in Lafayette Square. He has replaced the Secretary of Defense and high Pentagon officials with absolute loyalists.

He has himself been leading a vast criminal conspiracy aimed at coercing state election officials to violate state law and to refuse to certify the election results (in states which Joe Biden won), and launched a large number of frivolous lawsuits, whose only purpose appears to have been and to be to delay the certification of vote results and the appointment of electors representing the winner of the popular vote in each state, as required by state law.

The apparent plan, if it succeeded in denying Biden a majority of 270 votes when the Electoral College meets on December 14, could throw the election into the House under the provisions of the 12th Amendment.  In the House, Trump could win a “contingent election” in which each state has one vote.

Trump’s mind control over millions of followers represents a great and continuing threat to American democracy.

State election officials or other Republican officials who have opposed Trump’s will are receiving death threats and other threats of violence, in a fascist scenario where Trump has remained silent, refusing to clearly condemn the violence.

Michael Flynn, the convicted former National Security Adviser who Trump has recently pardoned, has called for Trump to declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and run a re-do of the Presidential election–which evil forces are trying to steal from Trump.

The interesting thing about Flynn’s proposal is that it suggests someone was considering it, probably in the White House. It highlights what a dangerous situation we are in.

Trump is a deranged sociopath, as anyone who has been listening to his recent pronouncements can readily appreciate. His close advisers include people like Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Michael Flynn.

Trump could do anything in his remaining days in office.

He could turn his mob loose at the rally he has planned in Washington on December 12–two days before the Electoral College is to meet.

He could organize a “terrorist” attack, like Hitler did with the Reichstag fire in 1933, or like Putin did in Russia when he seized additional powers. He could uncover a plot to blow up the state legislatures, and send in federal troops to protect the buildings–and to prevent state  electors from meeting to elect the new president.

Or he could even declare martial law, using his classified emergency powers.  We know nothing about these emergency powers, which are so secret they are classified.  Under these powers, perhaps Trump could declare martial law.

Trump is desperate. And unhinged. And exercises mind control over millions of followers, including Republicans in the Congress.

His mass hypnosis of tens of mllions of supporters is extraordinary, and extraordinarily dangerous.

As David Ignatius wrote in a recent article in the Washington Post, after laying out the details of how Trump might be planning a coup, these are unlikely scenarios.

But they represent scenarios which are possible.


David Ignatius, “How Trump could still disrupt the transfer of power,” Washington Post, href=””>November 24, 2020</a (12:24 p.m.).

Ignatius writes,

Trump wouldn’t succeed if he tried to cling to power. We know that because — well, because every responsible political leader, and, indeed, every citizen, will make sure it never happens. Still, thinking about the unthinkable can help us avoid it.

“Still,” he writes, “thinking about the unthinkable can help us avoid it.” This is more or less the rationale behind our articles asking the reader to imagine Adolf Hitler in the White House.


“Imagine: Hitler in the White House–Scheming to hold on to power,” The Trenchant Observer, November 21, 2020.

Unlikely scenarios.

As were many of those that have occurred in the last three weeks, and the last four years.

Who could or would stop Trump?

He could close the Congress, sending in federal troops to occupy the buildings, and to prevent the Senate from holding an impeachment trial to remove him.

Of course these are remote possibilities, or at least appear to be so at the moment.

The Trenchant Observer