Why Biden must denounce Trump’s attempted coup, and House Democrats should initiate an impeachment inquiry NOW

It is time for Joe Biden and the Democrats to denounce Trump’s ongoing attempted coup d’état.

They should immediately open an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow constitutional government in the United States.  He is engaged in sedition.

The declared support of over 100 Republicans in Congress for a frivolous lawsuit in the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court takes this matter to a new and more dangerous level.

One benefit of opening an impeachment inquiry would be to halt Trump’s abuse of the pardon power, and to strengthen arguments against any self-pardon or pardon to Trump’s co-conspirators.

Trump is trying to overthrow the government.

And Joe Biden hasn’t spoken out and denounced what is going on?

Before people are killed, Biden must lay out and explain to the American people what Trump and the Republican Party are trying to do.

Absent cogent explanation from the future President, confusion reigns.  Biden’s greatest challenge as President will be to dismantle the delusional world of Trump and his supporters. There is no better time to start than now.

He should explain in clear terms for a lay audience why the case brought by Texas in the Supreme Court is utterly without merit, and also explain the implications for American democracy of over 100 Republican Congressmen signing a declaration of support for this frivolous lawsuit.

Mr. Biden, now is the time for you to demonstrate Presidential leadership.

If Trump is trying to execute a coup d’état and you won’t speak up, what kind of leader can you ever hope to be?

One speech will not be sufficient. Biden must denounce Trump’s new outrages, two or three times a week. Someone must explain to the people what is going on.

The Trenchant Observer