Trump’s attempted coup

Donald Trump is continuing with his attempted coup.

A number of Republican Senators have now signed on to efforts to block Joe Biden’s formal recognition by the Congress of the Electoral College vote on Decmber 14, 2020, which itself only ratified the election of electors in each state that supported the victors in the states’s popular vote, as required by state law.

Trump has called on his supporters to go to Wagington, D.C. for a mass rally on January 6, 2021, the same day Congress is supposed to ratify the Electoral College vote.

The Republicans in Congress who support this unconstitutional rejection of Biden electors have absolutely no legal ground to stand on.

Nonetheless, we must take seriously the attempted coup which Republican President Donal Trump and Republican legislators have been attempting to carry out since November 3, 2020, if not earlier.


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The Trenchant Observer has been tracking Trump’s efforts to try out or execute elements of a coup d’état (or self-coup or auto-golpe) for many months.

It is important to track the evolution of these efforts, which strongly suggest that Trump and his co-conspirators have been following a master plan, for many months.

His attempted coup has not been working out well for Trump. As each effort has failed, he has been driven to increasingly desperate measures in seeking to,remain in power, while the walls are closing in.

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