After inciting insurrection and the violent mob attack on the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Donald Trump should be removed from office immediately.

The House of Representatives should approve one or more articles of Impeachment TODAY.

If Vice-President Michael Pence and a majority of the Cabinet do not act to remove Trump from the Presidency, under the 25th Amendment, the House should transmit the article(s) of Impeachment to the Senate for trial TOMORROW.

The House has adopted rules that permit Representatives to act virtually, from remote locations. If necessary, Representatives should return to Washington.

Under this scenario, the Senate should conduct an impeachment trial over the weekend and convict and remove Trump from office by Monday, January 11, 2021.


We can no longer permit this fascist President and would-be dictator to retain the powers of the presidency, including the secret and classified Emergency Powers with which the President has been invested.

It looks like the attempted coup through mob action to seize the Capitol was the first step in an attempted military coup d’état.

Trump must be stopped. NOW.   Since he is acting outside the Constitution in organizing an attempted coup, limited actions outside the scope of the Constitution narrowly aimed at restoring the constitutional order, and necessary to secure that end, may be viewed as legitimate.

That means that if Vice-President Michael Pence and the top legislative and military officials determine it is necessary, the authority and powers of the Presidency should de facto be transferred to Pence, and even the arrest and detention of Trump would be justified.

The key point is that the constitutional order has been breached, and even extraordinary measures such as the arrest of Donald Trump would be justified if necessary to re-establish the constitutional order.

Trump’s late assurances that he will now accept the orderly transfer of power on January 20, 2021 should be given no credence. Yesterday he was acting to overthrow the Constitution of the United States.

Trump must be impeached TODAY.

If necessary to halt his ongoing attemp to carry out a coup d’état, including by military means, he should be arrested and detained.

The advice of pundits and legislators based on prior assumptions (e.g., “impeachment would take too long,” or “we tried impeachment and it doesn’t work”), should be ignored.

A coup d’état is by its very nature a fast-moving event. Those who would defend democracy need to be nimble on their feet and in their thinking, and prepared to act quickly and decisively.

The Trenchant Observer