Secretary of State Anthony Blinken should ditch his “pretty boy” dyed and frosted hair look

Constructive criticism

Anthony Blinken is an incredibly well-qualified Secretary of State. He is from an upper-class background, and undoubtedly his wife and friends would like to see him look like a rock star.

In his press conference today, he did look like a rock star. With beautifully dyed and frosted hair, he looked like a poster boy for eternal youth.

Mr. Blinken was born in April 1962. He is 57 years old. In April he will be 58 years old. He is not a rock star, whatever his wife and family may desire. He is the Secretary of State of the United States, still one of the leading countries in the world. He needs to be taken seriously.

There is nothing against a man of his age dying his hair. But dying it to a color he may have had when he was 20, with a frosted look, is not becoming to a man of his age who wants to be viewed as serious and mature.

All through his press conference, I couldn’t pay attention to his words, as I remained riveted on his rock-star “pretty boy” appearance.

It will be hard to take him seriously if he doesn’t change his hair dye to a color more appropriate to his age and position.

First impressions count. He shouldn’t want to be dismissed out of the gate.

The Trenchant Observer