Trump’s attempted coup: A retrospective



1) “Jim Rutenberg, Jo Becker, Eric Lipton, Maggie Haberman, Jonathan Martin, Matthew Rosenberg and Michael S. Schmidt, “77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election; Hours after the United States voted, the president declared the election a fraud — a lie that unleashed a movement that would shatter democratic norms and upend the peaceful transfer of power, New York Times. January 31, 2021 (Updated 10:16 p.m. ET).

2) “Three immediate steps to stop threats of assassination and other acts of political terror,” The Trenchant Observer, January 14, 2021.

3) “Contingency planning for military-style commando action to arrest Trump–Part One,” The Trenchant Observer, January 12, 2021.

4) “Remove and Arrest Trump,” The Trenchant Observer, January 9, 2021..

5) “Pelosi and House Democrats should not falter in impeaching Trump,” The Trenchant Observer, January 8, 2021.

6) “IMPEACH TRUMP TODAY! AND ARREST HIM IF NECESSARY!” The Trenchant Observer, January 7, 2021.

7) “Trump military coup in progress–HOUSE MUST IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!,” The Trenchant Observer, January 6, 2021.

8) “Seditionist Senators and Congressmen plan to violate “safe harbor” provision of Electoral Count Act of 1887,” The Trenchant Observer, January 5, 2021.

9) “Emergency responses to a Trump military coup,” The Trenchant Observer, January 3, 2021.

10) “Trump’s attempted coup,” The Trenchant Observer, January 2, 2021.

11) “This loony President is the most dangerous man on earth,” December 22, 2020.

12) “Trump weighs military coup options,” The Trenchant Observer, January 20, 2020.

13) “Donald Trump and the President’s emergency powers,” The Trenchant Observer, December 11, 2020.

14) “Why Biden must denounce Trump’s attempted coup, and House Democrats should initiate an impeachment inquiry NOW,” The Trenchant Observer, December 10, 2020.

15) “279 Biden electors appointed as of Friday, December 4, 2020,” The Trenchant Observer, December 7, 2020.

16) “This is not a joke: Trump’s mass hypnosis and attempted coup,” The Trenchant Observer, December 5, 2020.

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There is ebidence to suggest that Trump was thinking of a potential coup,if he lost the election, going as far back as June, 2020.

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