Truth or Consequences: “A Boycott for Truth”


Brian Stelter, “The Big Lie Lives,” Reliable Sources, CNN Business, February 21, 2921 (7:30 p.m. EST).

Brian Stelter published today in Reliable Sources an account of what we all know to be true: the media, even the so-called liberal media, are continuing to fuel “The Big Lie” that Trump won the November 3, 2020 election, and many other lies that the fascist Republican Party and its fascist leaders continue to spread, by giving air time to those same lying Trump apologists.

The media do this by inviting lying guests to appear on their programs. They justify doing so by arguing that they cross-examine their guests and don’t let them tell their lies unchallenged. This is self-serving b.s. They are giving the liars a platform from which to spread their lies. What the Cable Channels and TV networks are pursuing is not truth but rather viewers and ratings, i.e., money from advertisers.

Let us never forget that the primary goal of these cable channels and TV networks is to sell soap and to make money.

Given these realities, how can we break the media’s connivance in spreading the monstrous lies of Donald Trump and his co-conspirators and apologists, who supported an attempted coup d’état and the Capitol Insurrection, in addition to Trump’s routine intimidation of witnesses and obstruction of justice throughout his four-year term of office?

These Trump co-conspirators and apologists no longer support democracy and the rule of law, if they ever did. How can we slow their spread of lies and misinformation?

There is actually a simple idea that could produce that result if enough people would join in.

That idea is A Boycott for Truth.

We should simply boycott all the advertisers who sponsor programs which invite known liars to appear for interviews, to make statements, or for any other purpose, on the programs which they sponsor. For example, the sponsors of any program which invites a guest to appear who denies that Biden won the election should be boycotted. The same rule should be applied to any program that shows news video in which such statements are made.

In other words, if a program invites a guest to appear who is known for telling monstrous lies, or invites a guest back who has lied on the program, the public should boycott all of the advertisers who support that program.
We are not talking about close questions of fact here.

The idea is simple: If you invite a guest on your program who has been telling big lies anywhere, or if you invite a guest back who has lied on your program, we will boycott all of the advertisers who support your program with their ads.

In a word, we propose a program of Truth or Consequences. The Consequences will be that millions of Americans will boycott your company and all of its products, because you support a program that spreads lies.

If the idea catches on, it could have a huge impact.

The Trenchant Observer