Afghanistan today, October 5, 2021



Jacques Follorou, “En Afghanistan, la théocratie des talibans déjà confrontée à ses vieux démons; Les talibans ne semblent pas avoir abandonné leur rigorisme rétif aux compromis. Il est à craindre que le régime ne durcisse le ton contre une population en colère et un monde extérieur accusé de vouloir leur voler leur victoire militaire grâce à l’arme financière,” Le Monde, le 5 Octobre 2021 (06h15 CEST).

The best reporting out of Afghanistan continues to be by Jacques Follorou of Le Monde and Ángeles Espinoa of El País. Their dispatches are linked to here, and can be easily translated by using Google Translate (

The window into Afghanistan is likely to start closing, as reader interest shifts to other subjects, as it did in the case of Syria. In the meantime, we can be grateful for the reporting by Follorou and Espinosa, as well as that of other excellent and courageous journalists who report on Afghanistan, sometimes from within the country.

There will be a continuous stream of stories about the disaster that is unfolding in Afghanistan, including the potential collapse of the economy, the enormous humanitarian disasters including famines which lie ahead, and ultimately whether civil war erupts once again among a desperate population struggling to survive.

The Trenchant Observer