Democrats refuse to indict Trump. Biden stumbles. Republicans gear up to steal elections. The fascist threat grows.

It is the fate of the Trenchant Observer, and perhaps of any trenchant observer, to read the newspapers every day, supplemented by as little cable news as possible, and to experience a growing sense of gloom.

The Democrats refuse to prosecute Donald Trump. Moreover, they enforce a conspiracy of silence under which not even the question of whether Trump should be prosecuted can be discussed, or even raised.

Meanwhile, Trump, who appears to have committed numerous felonies in full public view, is left free to hold rallies and breathe air into a growing fascist movement led by the Republican party and his supporters.

Some might object to the use of the terms “fascist” and “fascism”. The Observer would refer them to the dictionary and to histories of the anti-democratic movements in Italy and Germany and beyond in Europe in the 1920’s and 1930’s. What other term would more accurately describe the phenomena which we are experiencing today in the United States?


The dictionary, here;

President Joe Biden continues to stumble, to blow the opportunities his and the Democrats’ narrow victories in 2020 have afforded him. With Republican victories in 2022 appearing increasingly likely, Biden has at most another year to get significant reforms through Congress. The most important of these are reforms that will ensure free elections including free access to the vote and guarantees the true vote tallies will be counted accurately and certified as official election results.

Instead, Biden has pinned his hopes on getting things like permanent child support payments through Congress.  Even if he gets his infrastructure package passed, absent reform of the filibuster rule, the fascist threat to our elections will remain.

Neither Biden nor the Democratic leaders seem to understand that threat.

The country faces a fascist challenge supported by 35-40 million voters living in a propaganda universe, an alternate universe where facts and the truth do not hold sway, where the Leader is the arbiter of what is real and what isn’t, and supported by perhaps another 20 million cynical fellow travelers.

That is the challenge not only Democrats but all supporters of democracy and the rule of law currently face.  It is an existential threat.

Biden’s disastrous decision to withdraw from Afghanistan revealed abysmal flaws in his judgment and other leadership abilities, while his incompetent foreign policy team remains in place, ensuring further blunders to come.

The gravest shortcoming, at present, is that we appear to be on a collision course with China over Taiwan. This is madness. Any thought of independence for Taiwan should be immediately shelved, along with any actions based on the illusion that Taiwan, even with U.S. military support, could prevail in a military conflict with China, a nuclear power.

Meanwhile, Republicans are earnestly at work passing laws that seek to rig the electoral process so that they can steal elections in the future.

Moreover, without taking down Trump’s propaganda bubble and alternate universe, Democrats could simply lose the upcoming elections to a brainwashed majority of the  electorate.

The Trenchant Observer