Ukraine War, March 25, 2022 (I): Biden compares Ukrainians to Tiananmen Square Protesters, undercutting entreaties to China; Biden abandons “sole purpose” nuclear strategy proposal


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1) Michael R. Gordon, “Biden Sticks With Longstanding U.S. Policy on Use of Nuclear Weapons Amid Pressure From Allies; The president stepped back from a campaign promise that the sole purpose of nuclear weapons should be to deter nuclear attacks,” Wall Street Journal,Updated March 25, 2022 (12:38 am ET);

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6) “Biden vergleicht Widerstand der Ukrainer mit Tiananmen-Protesten; Nur 90 Kilometer vom Kriegsgebiet entfernt hat der US-Präsident Biden seine in Polen stationierte Truppen besucht. Den Einsatzwillen der Ukrainer lobte er – und attackiert damit gleichzeitig den Rivalen China,” Der Spiegel, den 25 März 2022 (22.32 Uhr);

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Biden compares Ukrainians to Tiananmen Square Protesters, undercutting entreaties to China

Joe Biden continues to raise doubts about his competence and that of his foreign policy team by blunders, un forced errors, which he makes whenever he goes off-script. Today, talking to U.S. soldiers in Poland, in an unscripted moment, he compared Ukrainians fighting Russian aggression and barbarism with the Tianamen Square protesters in 1989.

Aside from defeatist comparison with Chinese protesters, who were ultimately crushed by the Chinese state, Biden’s statement is likely to be taken as an expression of anti-Chinese sentiment by Chinese leaders. Again, Biden at times seems to forget who he is talking to, and where.

Only days ago Biden was earnestly trying to convince Chinese President Xi Jinping not to provide any military assistance to Russia or support to Russia in attempting to evade the West’s economic sanctions.

The gaffe serves as a reminder that Democratic Senators and Congressmen need to recognize and break from the foreign policy incompetence of Biden and his current foreign policy team, and force him to put together a much better team of independent, senior advisors who can guide him safely in the future.

Biden abandons “sole purpose” nuclear doctrine change

Gordon describes Biden’s position in favor of a “sole purpose” doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons, abandoned in the last week in response to allies’ concerns and pressures, as follows:

During the 2020 campaign Mr. Biden promised to work toward a policy in which the sole purpose of the U.S. nuclear arsenal would be to deter or respond to an enemy nuclear attack.

Gordon’s article has explosive implications, and the facts it describes are sure to be the subject of intense political debate.

The terrible question which it raises is this:

Could Vladimir Putin have based his calculations which led to the decision to invade Ukraine, at least in part, on the change in doctrine Biden wa proposing, and on Putin’s own assessment that Biden would not deviate from his own proposed doctrine?

NATO punts on active measures, even limited use of force, to oppose Putin in Ukraine

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