Ukraine War, May 27, 2022 (I): Kissinger’s exhortation to remember Russia’s importance in Europe and to not get swept up “in the mood of the moment”; Talk of not humiliating Russia is nonsensical when Putin and Russia have humiliated themselves, through their actions, for centuries to come

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Today is Henry Kissinger’s 99th birtday.

Henry Kissinger’s proposal that Ukraine accept territorial concessions in exchange for peace, and that the West should force Kyiv to accept these concessions, is analyzed in The Trenchant Observer article of May 24, above.

Yet one thing Kissinger said at Davos cannot pass without the outraged reaction that it deserves.

After saying that Western countries should remember Russia’s importance to Europe and not get swept up “in the mood of the moment,” Kissinger also pushed for the West to force Ukraine into accepting negotiations with a “status quo ante,” which means the previous state of affairs.

Despite the fact that he is 99 years old, if Kissinger chooses to participate in world affairs and attempts to shape events, he cannot and should not be spared the outrage that his remarks provoke.

He asserts that Western countries should remember Russia’s importance to Europe and not get swept up “in the mood of the moment.”

Russia has invaded Ukraine and intentionally killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians while destroying civilian infrastructure and entire cities in the country.

Putin has committed the international crime of aggression and is responsible for the ongoing commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity on a massive scale, which may constitute commission of the international crime of genocide.

One can imagine that Kissinger in 1945 might have said, after the discovery of extermination camps where some six million Jews and others were murdered, that “the Allies should remember Germany’s importance to Europe and not get swept up in the mood of the moment.”

The mood of the moment is to oppose Russian fascism and the barbarism demonstrated by Russia’s troops.

Any discussion of the idea of trying not to “humiliate” Putin and Russia is nonsensical in the present circumstances, when Putin and Russia have humiliated themselves through their own actions.

Their self-humiliation will be remembered in history for centuries.

May “the mood of the moment” continue for many years to come, and the resolve of the West to see the defeat of Putin and Russia never waiver, until peace in Ukraine consistent with international law and the United Nations Charter can be restored.

At this point, Henry Kissinger’s proposal should be recognized as representing the thinking of many leaders and officials in the West.

Then he and his proposal should simply be ignored.

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