Ukraine War, June 11, 2022: Biden scores a point for Putin; Muddled thinking, Biden’s leadership, and how to lose the war; Biden is “the President we have”, but Democrats in Congress need to guide him

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1) Ellen Francis, Victoria Bisset and Timothy Bella, “Biden says Zelensky ‘didn’t want to hear’ U.S. warnings of invasion,’l Washington Post, June 11, 2022 (11:14 a.m. EDT);

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6) Daniel Friedrich Sturm, “Was hinter Bidens kritischen Bemerkungen über Selenskyj steckt,” Die Welt den 13. Juni 2022 (14:39 Uhr).

Sturm, the U.S. correspondent for Die Welt, provides an in-depth analysis of Biden’s blunder, in the context of the fund-raising event where he made the remark and of his propensity to say whatever passes through his mind when he is off-script.


It seems like its one blunder after another with President Joe Biden and his foreign policy team.

Biden spoke at a Democratic fundraising event in Los Angeles on Friday night, June 10, and criticized Ukrainian President Wolodymyr Zelensky for not accepting the U.S. warnings of a Russian invasion before February 24.

Once again, the risks of allowing Joe Biden to speak off-script in any situation show the enormous damage his spontaneous words can wreak at any point in time.

What could have been the point of criticizing Zelensky? The answer, sadly, seems to be Joe Biden’s vanity, his insecurity, and his unceasing efforts to ingratiate himself with whatever audience he is speaking to.

In a wartime situation, message discipline not personal vanity is required, particularly from the President of the United States.

Biden’s criticism of Zelensky is likely to be interpreted in Moscow as a sign of wavering American support for Zelensky and Ukraine, thereby strengthening Vladimir Putin’s belief that divisions in the West will undermine support for Ukraine, and that consequently he is playing a winning hand.

And what are we to make of the background interview by a high U.S. defense official predicting Russia will take control of the entire Luhansk region within weeks?

Great! the Biden administration and high defense officials see themselves essentially as bystanders in a war between two other countries, and as television commentators showing how smart they are by predicting the defeat of the Ukrainian forces.

Wait! Aren’t the U.S. and NATO supporting those Ukrainian forces?

“Our point here,” they must be thinking, “is too show everyone how smart we are and how good we are at predicting military outcomes.”

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