Ukraine War, June 12, 2022: Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas sums up what is at stake;

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1) Kaja Kallas, “Europe must ensure the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine fails or worse will follow; The West must be ready for a long and gruesome war and be careful with premature calls for peace,” The Telegraph, June 11, 2022 (7:21 pm).

Kaja Kallas is Prime Minister of Estonia


In one succinct Op-ed, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas lays out the reasons Ukraine must be supported and Russia defeated in the current war it is waging against Ukraine. She writes,

Russia’s war in Ukraine will not end overnight, and peace will not break out tomorrow.

Russia is the most direct threat to European security right now. In fact, should it get away with its aggression, it would undermine peace and security around the world. If aggression pays off somewhere, it serves as an invitation to use it elsewhere.

That is the reason we are so committed to helping Ukraine push back Russian aggression. What we are defending is the very idea of freedom, territorial integrity and sovereignty – that is, the right to exist as a country and the right to live free from repression.

She speaks clearly about what any outcome must include and not include:

Ukraine must win back its territories and Russia must fail.

No impunity for war crimes must also form a cornerstone of our long-term policies. Putin and all those who have committed atrocities must know that their judgement day will come.

She adds that Russia must also pay reparations and victims must be compensated, possibly from frozen assets.

Prime Minister Kallas warns against premature calls for a ceasefire:

And we must be careful with premature calls for ceasefire and peace. Remember that for half of Europe, peace after WWII did not mean the end of atrocities, but further repression. This is now being repeated in Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine – children deported en masse to Russia, women raped, men imprisoned.

Regarding relations with Russia, she writes,”There should be no fear of a bad relationship or a non-existent relationship with war criminals….There should be no return to business as usual. In fact, there should be no business at all.”

The Prime Minister concludes with a ringing call for action to stop Putin:

We must do all we can to help push back the Russian invasion and end the committing of war crimes on our doorstep. Otherwise, worse will follow.

Our own history teaches us this. Failure to learn will have a cost for all of us. Let us repeat – gas might be expensive, but freedom is priceless.

One would hope that President Joe Biden might think so clearly and explain so eloquently to the American people and to the world what is at stake in the war in Ukraine.

Leadership, however, must be acknowledged and supported, from wherever it might come.

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