Ukraine War, July 5, 2022: The most important front in the Ukraine war is America, not the Donbas

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The most important front in the Ukraine war is America, not the Donbas.

Indeed, the struggle to uphold the rule of law in the United States is intricately related to the battle to defend Ukraine, the U.N. Charter, and our civilization.

For if a friend of Putin and insurrectionist like Donald Trump or one of his acolytes were to be elected in 2024, it could mean the end of U.S. leadership of the coalition opposing Putin, a collapse or great weakening of military and other support for Ukraine, and a lifting or great relaxation of sanctions against Russia.

The fact that America is the most important front in the war in Ukraine opens up a range of possibilities for those who want to do something concrete, today, to help Ukraine.

The significance of the war extends far beond the borders of that country. For the battle is to save not only Ukraine but also the U.N. Charter and international law, and ultimately our civilization.

Individuals may help Ukraine by engaging in the struggle on the American front in the war, working to elect candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives who will support continued strong leadership by the United States of the international coalition opposed to Russian aggression and atrocities in Ukraine.

In this struggle on the American front in the Ukrainian war, there are many actions individual Americans can take, today.

This battle may be more important even than the battle raging in the Donbas in which heroic Ukrainian soldiers are fighting and dying to defend their country, and our civilization.

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