Ukraine War, July 11, 2022: The West needs a leader like Winston Churchill to lead us to victory over Russia after January 2025

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The United States is in desperate need of new and dynamic leadership, of someone like Winston Churchill who can lead the West to victory over Russia beginning in January 2025.

Joe Biden’s presidential approval ratings are at historic lows (fn 1).

Even among Democrats, a recent poll reveals that 64% want someone else to be the presidential candidate in 2024. (fn 2)

Reading Andrew Roberts’ engrossing biography, Churchill: Traveling with Destiny (2018), one is struck with the sense of how extraordinarily fortunate Britain and the world were that the British political system selected Winston Churchill in May 1940 to lead the country and the war against Nazi Germany.

Churchill understood the stakes in the struggle to defeat Nazi fascism. While others called for a negotiated settlement with Adolf Hitler, Churchill was adamant in his refusal to seriously consider the proposition.

Steeped in knowledge of history and with his own wartime experience dating back to the Boer war in South Africa, Churchill was the extraordinary leader who destiny called forth to help lead the West to victory over Nazi barbarism. Roosevelt and Stalin also played their important parts.

Now the West needs a great leader to lead the current existential struggle with Russia to a successful conclusion.

Joe Biden is not that leader.

In the United States, one can only hope that younger members of the Democratic Party can wrest control of the party from the death grip of the octogenarian leadership in the White House and the Congress, so that a great leader or leaders may emerge from the ranks of the party.

One can also hope that something similar might occur among Republicans, so that independent leaders can break the death grip of Donald Trump and his minions on the Republican Party and allow a great leader to emerge from its ranks.

One can hope but realistically speaking that hope is much dimmer in the case of the Republican Party, given its recent history.

America and the world need a great leader to emerge and win the 2024 presidential election, so that he or she can lead the country and the world beginning in 2025 to defeat Russian fascism.

As Adolf Hitler and Nazism did in World War II, Vladimir Putin and Russian barbarism pose a mortal threat to our civilization.

The triumph over Nazism in World War II was not a sure thing. Andrew Roberts’ gripping account in Churchill: Traveling with Destiny brings this home.

We need to think about this seriously.

With the politics of 2022, would the West have defeated Hitler?

With the politics of 2022, is it likely that the West will defeat Putin?

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