Ukraine War, July 27, 2022: Should the U.S. and Russia be talking to each other?

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1) Samuel Charap and Jeremy Shapiro, “The U.S. and Russia Need to Start Talking Before It’s Too Late,” New York Times, July 27, 2022;

2) “The Guardian view on nuclear warfare: dialogue or destruction; Britain’s national security adviser has thoughtful words about contacts with Russia and China. His bosses need to listen (Editorial),” The Guardian, July 28, 2022 (18:30 BST);


Charap and Shapiro have a good point. In theory, the U.S. and Russia should have open channels of communication. To be useful, even potentially, these should be back channels of communication far from public view.

To avoid perceptions by Ukraine and other allied partners that the U.S. might be selling Ukraine out, Ukraine, NATO and the EU should be in the loop, under some kind of unified military and diplomatic command.

This is required if freelancing by other allied leaders is to be avoided, as it must be if Putin is to be prevented from playing one coalition partner off against the other.

Viewed in this light, the really urgent task would seem to be to set up some kind of unified military and diplomatic command structure, whatever it might be called.

Until and unless this is done, the idea of the U.S. talking to Russia alone about Ukraine, even through a back channel, would in practice, as opposed to theory, seem to be highly problematic.

Nonetheless, as the UK National Security Adviser underlined in a speech this week, the U.S. and Russia need to reestablish the kind of communication links they used to have (e.g., “the hotline”), in order to minimize the risks of accidental nuclear war.

Or to manage the risks involved in any other kind of nuclear conflict.

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