Ukraine War, September 8, 2022: St. Peterburg neighborhood council calls for Putin’s resignation for treason

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1) Nataliya Vasilyeva, “Russian councillors call for Putin’s removal in daring anti-war protest; District council members in St Petersburg send a petition demanding the president’s removal from office for committing treason, The Telegraph, September 8, 2022 (7:41 p.m.);

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3) Javier G. Cuesta, (Moscow) “Putin threatens to break the agreement for the export of Ukrainian grain; The Russian president warns that he will completely cut off the oil and gas tap if the G-7 and the European Union impose maximum prices on it, El País, September 7, 2022. (07:36 EDT);

4) Javier G. Cuesta, “Putin amenaza con romper el acuerdo para la exportación del grano ucranio; El presidente ruso avisa de que cortará completamente el grifo de gas y petróleo si el G-7 y la Unión Europea le imponen precios máximos,” El País, el 7 de septiembre 2022 (07:36 EDT);

5) “Russia provides aid to LPR, DPR based on UN Charter — Putin; The Russian leader reiterated that the UN Charter talks about a nation’s right to self-determination: if a part of some territories wants to declare its independence, it does not have to ask permission from its country’s central government,” TASS Russian News Agency, September 7, 2022 (04:58);

6) Roland Oliphant,”Ukraine’s lightning offensive is making ‘fastest gains of war so far’; Spearheads have advanced more than 30 miles into Russian-held territory, as the US unveils a further $2.8 billion in military aid,” The Telegraph, September 8, 2022 (10:13 pm);


In a bold and courageous move, a St. Petersburg District Council’s seven members have issued a public call for Vladimir Putin’s removal from office on grounds of treason.

On September 7, Putin speaking before the zeastern Economic Forum in Vladivostock, sought to defend the Russian invasion of Ukraine as legal under the U.N. Charter and international law.

More important than the specious legal arguments advanced by Putin in the defense of the invasion is the fact that, speaking to an international audience, he felt compelled to justify his war against Ukraine under the Charter and international law.

The St. Petersburg District Council call for his removal is an extraordinary event.

These two developments suggest that internal opposition to Putin is mounting.

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