Ukraine War, September 15, 2022 (III): Germany’s cynicism knows no bounds, as Defense Minister Lambrecht announces new military aid to Ukraine

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1) “Deutschland liefert Raketenwerfer und gepanzerte Fahrzeuge; Verteidigungsministerin Lambrecht hat weitere Waffenlieferungen an die Ukraine angekündigt. Kiew bekommt zwar nicht die geforderten Schützen- und Kampfpanzer. Aber der Ringtausch mit Griechenland sei »auf der Zielgeraden«,” Der Spiegel, den 15. September 2022 ((3:51 p.m.);

2) “Germany supplies rocket launchers and armored vehicles; Defense Minister Lambrecht has announced further arms deliveries to Ukraine. Kiev does not get the required shooting and battle tanks. But the ring exchange with Greece is “on the home straight,” Der Spiegel, September 15, 2022 (3:51 p.m.).


Germany’s cynicism and disdain for those who criticize SPD Chancello Olaf Scholz for dragging his feet on arms deliveries to Ukraine knows no bounds.

Today SPD Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht did the equivalent of shooting tbe finger at critics of Sholz and the SPD in announcing additional military aid for Ukraine.

Der Spiegel reports:

Revised Google translation

Germany will deliver two more Mars multiple rocket launchers and 50 Dingo armored vehicles to Ukraine. This was announced by Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD). In addition, Kyiv would also be given 200 rockets for the multiple rocket launchers. The German government wants to continue to support Ukraine’s progress in pushing back the Russian army.

That’s right, Germany will send TWO additional multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine!

Get this: With 200 rockets!

As if that were not enough, Germany is also sending 50 Dingo armored vehicles!

Lambrecht made no statement about the delivery of armored personnel carriers and battle tanks, which Ukraine has been repeatedly requesting and desperately needs. Instead, she lamely pointed out that Germany has supported the sanctions against Russia and accepted one million Ukrainian refugees.

She also declared, shamelessly, “It is encouraging to see the successes Ukraine has achieved just in the last few days in part with the help of German weapons.”

(Es macht Mut zu sehen, welche Erfolge die Ukraine gerade in den letzten Tagen auch mithilfe deutscher Waffen erzielen konnte.«)

This paltry package of aid together with the above statement dripping with cynicism demonstrates clearly what a strong hold the “Putin Versteher” or “Putin understanders” have on the SPD party of Olaf Scholz in the “traffic light” coalition (Ampel Koalition) which governs Germany.

What bites, even more than the laughable amount of aid, is the utter cynicism with which it is served.

It appears that Germany will not provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs to defeat Putin so long as Olaf Scholz and the SPD are leading the government.

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