Ukraine War, October 2, 2022: Future moves in Putin’s war;

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1) Bob Seely, “We are entering a terrifying new phase of the Russo-Ukraine war; The West will be Putin’s target in the coming months,” The Telegraph, October 2, 2022 (8:55 am).

Dr Robert Seely MP sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee. His doctorate is in integrated Russian warfare

2) Anne Applebaum, “Putin’s Newest Annexation Is Dire for Russia Too; His baldly illegitimate claim to four Ukrainian provinces shows contempt for the global order—and his own subjects,” The Atlantic, September 30, 2022;

3) Lluís Bassets, “Cada vez más cerca del disparo nuclear;; Nunca el mundo ha estado tan cerca del despeñadero atómico desde la crisis de los misiles en Cuba,” El País, el 28 devseptiembre 2022 (23:00 EDT);


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See “Ukraine War, October 3, 2022: Petraeus warns of NATO response to any use of a nuclear weapon; Movement of nuclear warheads toward Western front in Russia,” Trenchant Observer, October 3, 2022.

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