Ukraine War, November 15, 2022: Russian missiles hit Polish town; Putin tests NATO mutual defense obligation under Article 5 of NATO Treaty (Updated November 19, 2022)

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A Russian missile hit a Polish town today, leaving two dead.

This is just the way Vladimir Putin probes and tests the will of the West. This is his modus operandi. Violate the limits, but in an ambiguous way. Going back to Russia’s “little green men” invading the Crimea in February 2014, or his White Trucks convoy ruse in the summer of 2014 as first irregulars then Russian troops invaded the Donbas.

Or the chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, Syria, when Bashar al-Assad with Russian advisors crossed one of Barack Obama’s supposed “red lines”, which turned out to have no consequences.

As María R. Sahuquillo and Gloria Rodríguez-Pina point out, it is a moment of truth for NATO. Does Article 5 have any real meaning? Are pledges to defend “every square inch” of NATO territory real, or not really?

Will Biden’s advance down the path of appeasement lead him and NATO to appease Putin once again by doing nothing in response to an attack on Polish territory?

One can hear the appeasers and the Russian apologists now:

Where is the proof it was a missile or missiles fired by Russia?

Was it just an accident? If the attack was not intentional, then maybe it was not an “attack” on the territory of a NATO country within the meaning of the mutual defense commitment contained in Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.

Was the attack intentional? Where is the proof?

Where is the proof that the missiles were not launched by Ukraine.

Coukdn’t the missiles be Ukrainian air defense missiles that fell on Poland by accident?

In Ghouta, (Syria), it took a U.N. investigation and a lot of time to establish proof that the chemical attacks were carried out by Bashar al-Assad and Syrian forces (advised by Russia).  By then Putin had succeeded in demonstrating that Obama’s “red lines” were illusory, particularly after he called off airstrikes at the last minute and punted the decision on how to respond to Congress.

These are well-known Putin and Russian ploys.

In war, events move at the speed of war, not the speed of a criminal trial. Judgments must be made on the basis of the available facts and what seems likely or probable.

War is not a court of law.

Will the West respond, or will Putin succeed in chipping away more bricks from the solid wall of NATO’s mutual defense obligation under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty?

An appropriate response would be to authorize the long-range artillery rockets (ATACMS) for the HIMARS artillery units, to authorize the transfer of jet fighters to Ukraine, and to release the modern German tanks and armored personnel carriers to Ukraine which Germany has been holding back.

That would be a warning to Putin that he might understand.

In addition, the U.S. and NATO should make clear–through actions and not public warnings to Russia–that if Russia continues its attacks on Ukrainian cities and civilian infrastructure, NATO countries will supply Ukraine with the long-range artillery rockets (ATACMS) and other weapons; and authorize their use to strike targets in Russian territory from which missile and drone attacks against targets in Ukraine are being launched.

Any such Ukrainian counter-attacks would be in accordance with the “inherent” right of individual and collective self-defense authorized under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter and international law.

Biden and NATO face a stark choice:

Either they enter down the path of appeasement of Putin and Russia, or they respond to Putin’s escalations of the conflict since September 21 with measured but forceful actions.

The alternative is appeasement and inaction as Putin continues to escalate.

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