Ukraine War, November 25, 2022: Russia continues attacks on cities and infrastructure; NATO continues to do nothing to stop it

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To understand the broad context within which current developments in Ukraine should be considered,see

“Ukraine War, October 26, 2022: The context for analysis of current developments; The “dirty bomb” as a Russian propaganda distraction from current war crimes,” The Trenchant Observer, October 26, 2022.


1) Luís de Vega (Járkov), “Nuevos bombardeos rusos a infraestructuras de Ucrania dejan al menos 35 muertos y cortes de luz; Una parte importante de Kiev y de otras ciudades se queda sin electricidad ni agua mientras el alcalde de la capital pide a los vecinos que se aprovisionen. Entre las víctimas mortales hay un recién nacido en Zaporiyia,” El País, el 23 de noviembre 2022 (11:08, actualizado a las 13:07 EST);

2)  Gregor Schwung,”Ukraine fordert Waffen mit Reichweite bis nach Russland,” Die Welt, den 21. November 2022;

Gregor Schwung ist Voluntär, Außenpolitik / Axel-Springer-Academy of Journalism and Technology

3) James Kilner and Roland Oliphant, “Vladimir Putin tells soldiers’ angry mothers he ‘feels their pain’ in Moscow meeting; The choreographed meeting appears to acknowledge the Kremlin’s failings in mobilising fresh forces,” The Telegraph, November 25, 2022 (9:02 pm);


The video of Putin speaking about the war accompanying the Kilner and Oliphant article in The Telegraph is absolutely extraordinary.You can see Ptin speaking under extraordinary stress, often seemingly at a loss for words, as he tries to reassure Russian mothers who have lost @ son in Ukraine that he “feels their pain.” Absolutely extraordinary.

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