Ukraine War December 4, 2022: Appeasers make their move: Macron takes it upon himself to represent EU and NATO views, plans to offer reassurances to Russia; Biden fails to maintain alliance discipline; Russia ascendant, as Macron and other alliance leaders freelance with Putin while undercutting Ukraine

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We should never forget how inclined toward appeasement the French are.

One reason the British Expeditionary Core in France had to be rescued at Dunkirk was that the French army did not fight the advancing German troops in May and June 1940. They also negotiated a deal with Zhitler which allow the Vichy government of Petain to maintain some independence from the Germans m untik the latter broke the agreement in 1842.

Nor should we forget that it was not only the British foreign minister, Neville Chamberlain, who signed the Munich Pact in October 1939, but also Ėdouard Daladier, his French counterpart.

We should also recall how French President François undercut the EU sanctions against Russia adopted on September 5, 2014 by insisting that France follow through with delivery of two – warships tomRussia.

We should not be surprised by Emmanuel Macron’s freelancing with Putin and trying to nudge the West to follow the oath ofvappeasement of Russia.

Macron, fresh off his triumph of getting Joe Biden to say he would meet with Putin, achieved during Macron’s state visit with Biden, must have felt he was making headway in his quest to negotiate with Putin. Earlier, he warned everyone we should not seek to “humiliate” Putin.

So, the appeasers, among whom we must count Joe Biden, are having their war for the time being, as they undercut the position of Ukraine and are eager to enter into negotiations with the greatest war criminal of the 21st century.

Appeasement is in the air.

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