Ukraine War, December 7, 2022: Germany supports Ukrainian arracks on Russian territory

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1) “Ukraine darf sich laut Bundesregierung auch auf russischem Gebiet verteidigen; Nach Ansicht der Bundesregierung darf Kiew bei seinem Kampf gegen Russland auch das Staatsgebiet des Aggressors angreifen. Regierungssprecher Steffen Hebestreit verweist auf die UN-Charta. Die Nato erwartet eine neue russische Offensive im Frühjahr,” Die Welt, den 7. Dezember 2022.

Der Bundessprecher war Steffen Hebestreit. Er ist Chef des Presse- und Informationsamtes der Bundesregierung und Regierungssprecher.

Federal Government Spokesman Steffen Hebestreit is Head of the Press and Information Office of the German Federal Government.

2) Hugues Maillot, “Guerre en Ukraine : les États-Unis auraient bridé les Himars pour empêcher Kiev de frapper la Russie,” Le Figaro, le 7 Septembre 2922 (à 16:46, mis à jour à 16:52);

3) Uwe Parpart and David P. Goldman, “Military sources: Ukraine missiles used US guidance; Both NATO and Russian observers reject Blinken denial of US satellite involvement in attacks on Russian bases,” Asia Times, December 8, 2022.


A German foreign ministry spokesman said today that Germany supports Ukraine’s right to strike targets in Russia in exercise of its right of individual self-dense under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter.

This is a highly significant change in policy, which we have been utging for months. It pits Germany squarely against the policy of Joe Biden, which today led Secretary of State Antony Blinken to grovel before Vladimir Putin, assuring the world that the U.S. neither enabled or encouraged Ukraine to launch its drone attacks deep inside the territory of Russia in tge last three days.

This is about as shameful as it gets. It suggests that Biden and Putin have some kind of understanding according to which the U.S. will not encourage or enable Ukraine to carry pit strikes within Russian territory.

Such an understanding could have been reached in the secret back-channel discussions National Security Asciser Jake Sullivan has been conducting with Putin’s aides.

Blinken’s statement seems to lay bare the whole sordid business of how Biden’s fear of Putin and Putin’s nuclear threats has led him to withhold weapons from Ukraine, or, by exacting promises from Zelensky or modifying weapons so they can’t attack targets in Russia, ensure they won’r be used to cross Putin’s “red line” prohibiting attacks within Russian territory.

If Germany holds to this new line and does not yield to U.S. pressures to return to the old acceptance of Biden’s position, a dramatic change in the weapons supplied to Ukraine and their authorized use could be underway. Such a change in policy within NATO could alter the course of the war, to the great advantage of Ukraine.

If Germany holds to this new position, and it is accepted by other NATO countries and eventually even by the U.S. it could hasten end of the war by Ukraine prevailing on the battlefield.

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