Ukraine War, December 10, 2022: Boris Johnson urges transfer of advanced weapons, greater military aid to Ukraine; Biden signals NATO that U.S. policy respecting Putin’s “red line” regarding attacks on targets in Russia will not change

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1) Boris Johnson, “For a Quicker End to the Russia War, Step Up Aid to Ukraine
No negotiated settlement is possible, and the longer the conflict goes on, the costlier it becomes,” Wall Street Journal, Updated December 9, 2022 (5:15 pm ET);

2) Carlos Torralba, “Estados Unidos se desmarca de los ataques en territorio ruso; Wendy Sherman, subsecretaria de Estado, destaca que Washington “ni ha facilitado ni ha alentado” a Ucrania a alcanzar objetivos en Rusia,” El País, el 8 de diciembre 2022; (23:40 EST;

3) Carlos Torralba, “The United States disassociates itself from attacks on Russian territory; Wendy Sherman, Undersecretary of State, emphasizes that Washington “has not facilitated nor encouraged” Ukraine to reach targets in Russia,” El País, December 8, 2022 (23:40 EST);

4) Alexander Epp, Christina Hebel und Oliver Imhof, “Was steckt hinter den Drohnenangriffen auf Russland? Putins Militär erlebt eine weitere Demütigung: Auf zwei Luftstützpunkten weit von der Grenze zur Ukraine entfernt gibt es Explosionen. Wie hat es die ukrainische Armee geschafft, so tief im Landesinnern anzugreifen?” Der Spiegel, den 7. Dezember 20229 (11.31 Uhr):


Carlos Torralba quotes Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman as saying in Paris this week that the United States “neither facilitated nor encouraged” Ukraine to strike the two airbases deep within Russia which it attacked a few days earlier. Sherman insisted, Torralba reports,

that all the weapons that Washington has supplied to Kiev during this year are “exclusively for defensive purposes” and stressed that the transatlantic allies remain “deeply committed” to supporting Ukraine.

Sherman’s remarks, made in Paris on tbe day of a visit with President Emmanuel Macron, repeated the confusion or Biden’s part between weapons capable of striking targets in Russia and those he deems “defensive”.

Actually, all weapons furnished to Ukraine, including those capable of hitting and used to hit targets in Russia, are “defensive” so long as Russia is engaged in an armed attack against Ukraine.

Any attacks with such weapons against targets in Russia are “defensive” if used in exercise of Ukraine’s right of self-defense under the U.N. Charter and international law.

So, the opposing positions are clear.

The German government has stated clearly–and correctly–that Ukraine has the right to strike targets in Russia in exercise of its right self-defense under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter and international law.

The Biden administration for its part, continues to obfuscate the point as it declares it’s continued determination to respect Putin’s “red line” prohibiting Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.

International law is clear. So is Biden’s abject fear or Putin and Putin’s nuclear threats, and what seems to be some secret back-channel understanding with Putin to respect his “red line”.

The victims of Biden’s muddled thinking, or raw fear, are the thousands of Ukrainians who are being killed by missiles and drones and who may freeze tondeath this winter as a result of Biden’s failure to stand up to Putin by sending Ukraine tge weapons it needs to defend itself.

Boris Johnson explains why these weapons are necessary.

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