Ukraine War, December 19, 2022: Ukraine’s algorithm advantage;

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To understand the broad context within which current developments in Ukraine should be considered,see

“Ukraine War, October 26, 2022: The context for analysis of current developments; The “dirty bomb” as a Russian propaganda distraction from current war crimes,” The Trenchant Observer, October 26, 2022.


1) David Ignatius, “How the algorithm tipped the balance in Ukraine
Image without a caption,” Washington Post, December 19, 2022 (10:20 a.m. EST);


Ignatius describes the extraordinary use Ukraine is making of advanced computer algorithms and technology on the battlefield.

What is remarkable is the degree to which NATO countries are fully engaged in providing Ukraine with real-time targeting information on the battlefield. In effect, NATO is actively assisting Ukraine in identifying targets in Ukraine’s war of self-defense against Russia’s war of aggression.

Both Ukraine’s and NATO countries’ actions in in individual p and collective self-defense, respectively, are fully authorized under international law and Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

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