Ukraine War, January 4, 2022: Biden and NATO strategy–Kick the can down the road; NATO involvement and World War III

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To understand the broad context within which current developments in Ukraine should be considered,see

“Ukraine War, October 26, 2022: The context for analysis of current developments; The “dirty bomb” as a Russian propaganda distraction from current war crimes,” The Trenchant Observer, October 26, 2022.


1) Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, “Nato involvement in Ukraine must not be off the table in 2023; We cannot delude ourselves – this war is likely to get worse this year. We have to be prepared for anything and plan accordingly,” The Telegraph, January 4, 2023 (4;17 pm);

2) Matthew Taylor King, “What Will a 22nd-Century Toynbee Say About Ukraine? Among other things, he’ll note a reified nationalism and a Russia embittered with its diminishing status,” Wall Street Ournak, January 2, 2023 (5:11 pm ET);


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