Ukraine War, March 31, 2023: War production of munitions: A symbol of multiple policy failures

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To understand the broad context within which current developments in Ukraine should be considered,see

“Ukraine War, October 26, 2022: The context for analysis of current developments; The “dirty bomb” as a Russian propaganda distraction from current war crimes,” The Trenchant Observer, October 26, 2022.


1) Stefanie Bolzen, “Jetzt sorgen sich die USA, dass ihnen die Waffen ausgehen,” Die Welt, den 30, März 2023;

2) Stefanie Bolzen, “Now the US is worried that they will run out of weapons,” Die Welt, March 30, 2023;

3) María R. Sahuquillo (Bruselas), “Von der Leyen acusa a China de querer cambiar el orden mundial para imponer su dominio; La presidenta de la Comisión Europea anuncia una nueva estrategia para controlar las inversiones en sectores estratégicos en el extranjero, para garantizar la independencia y seguridad de la UE,” El País, el 30 de marzo 2023 (08:09 EDT);

4) María R. Sahuquillo (Brussels), “Von der Leyen accuses China of wanting to change the world order to impose its domination; The president of the European Commission announces a new strategy to control investments in strategic sectors abroad, to guarantee the independence and security of the EU,” El País, March 30, 2023 (08:09 EDT)


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