Will Trump be reelected in 2024?

A very dear friend who doesn’t follow politics closely asked me today, with real concern, “Will Trump be president again?”

I responded by saying it is very unlikely.

But then added, “Democrats should not toy with the thought that it would be good if Trump is nominated by the Republicans because he’ll be easier to beat (than any other Republican candidate).

“It would be too dangerous. The country could go crazy and elect him, like they did in 2016.”

The truthful answer to my friend’s question is, ” I don’t know. No one knows.”

Crazier things have happened. No one imagined in Germany in 1932 that Adolf Hitler could become Chancellor. But in January 1933 he did. Even then, no one imagined that he would seize power. But after the Reichstag fire in February, he did.

Wild things can occur when the masses are seized with passionate UNREASON and support a charismatic leader who is dead set on seizing power at any cost.

When we hear Republican leaders speaking outside the bounds of REASON and fair play, outside the bounds of politics in a democratic society, the warning lights are flashing and the emergency sirens are sounding.

But in the U.S.,”Merrily we sail along…”

See “Sleepwalking in the garden of fascism: ‘Merrily we roll along!'” The Trenchant Observer, June 2, 2021.

The Trenchant Observer