Ukraine War, June 12, 2023: The human face of war–on the front lines in the Zaporizhzhia region

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1) Rémy Ourdan (Orikhiv (province de Zaporijia, Ukraine), envoyé spécial), “Ukraine : à Orikhiv, près du front, les blindés croisent les ambulances; A 6 kilomètres du front, la ville, quasi désertée par ses habitants, abrite les soldats engagés dans l’une des contre-offensives lancées ces derniers jours par l’armée ukrainienne, Le Monde, le 12 juin 2023 (modifié à 17h54);

2) Rémy Ourdan (Orikhiv, Zapporizhia province, Ukraine), (special envoy), “Ukraine: in Orikhiv, near the front, the armored vehicles cross the ambulances; 6 kilometers from the front, the city, almost deserted by its inhabitants, houses soldiers engaged in one of the counter-offensives launched in recent days by the Ukrainian army,” Le Monde, June 12, 2023 (modified at 5:54 pm);


Rémy Ourdan, a special correspondent for Le Mond, reporting from the front in the Zaporizhzhia region, paints an unusually poignant picture of what he sees and learns from two Ukrainian soldiers he interviews.

as we follow troop mobements, weapons systems, and kilometers gained or lost, it is easy to lose track of the human cost of war. Poignant vignettes written by the best war reporters can help us see the human face of war. That Ourdan has done in his article today.

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