Trump admits under oath in New York civil trial he was not President in 2021

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1) Tony Diver, “Donald Trump undermines his own case in fraud trial; Ex-president admits he ‘would have some suggestions’ over property valuations, despite his team saying earlier that was done by accountants,” The Telegraph, November 6, 2023 (9:57pm);

2) David Edwards, “Trump admits in court he wasn’t president in 2021 when he was ‘keeping our country safe’,” (Raw Story), reprinted in Microsoft Start, November 6, 2023 (approx. 12:00 pm EST).


Diver reports on one exchange in which Donald Trump testified tgat he was not President in 2921:

In response to another question, he erroneously said he was not involved in preparing the 2021 financial statement because he was “so busy at the White House” dealing with “China, Russia and keeping our country safe”.

After the state lawyer, Kevin Wallace, pointed out that Mr Trump was not President of the United States in 2021, he responded: “No, I wasn’t.”


David Edwards reports the exact language of Donald Trump under oath:

Former President Donald Trump was forced to admit in court that he was not president in 2021 when he took control of a trust controlling his businesses.

The admission came while Trump was on the stand in his $250 million fraud trial in New York on Monday.

“Trump brings up the 2021 valuation of the joint venture, but says he wasn’t really involved with it,” Law360 crime reporter Stewart Bishop revealed. “Trump says he was very busy as president.”

“My threshold was China, Russia and keeping our country safe,” Trump reportedly said.

Prosecutor Kevin Wallace offered to refresh Trump’s memory.

“And just to refresh your recollection, you were not president in 2021?” he asked.

“No I wasn’t,” Trump admitted.

Edwards is quoting the Tweets of Stewart Bishop who live-blogged the proceeding on X (formerly Twitter), See @stewartbishop.

The major media missed this blockbuster nugget, except for The Telegraph in London, which only mentioned it in passing. Only Raw Story reproducing the full text of the exchange.

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