The cold-blooded REALPOLITIK of the American president: Obama’s intellectual calculations in foreign policy, and his heart as cold as stone

Developing Obama seems to have opposed stronger action in Syria and in opposing Russian aggression in the Ukraine out of some demented belief that he…

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UPDATE (MARCH 6) WITH LINKS TO SENATOR RAND PAUL FILIBUSTER; REPRISE: Secret Laws, the John Brennan vote, and the rule of law

The vote on John Brennan’s confirmation to be CIA Director: Opinion and Commentary

What difference does it make if John Brennan is confirmed?

Imagine: The Collapse of International Order, Syria, and Berlin in 1945

Drone Killings, the Constitution, International Law, and the John Brennan File

Obama, the presidential elections, Syria and Iran—Obama’s Debacle in Syria — Update #51 (June 12)