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April 7, 2017: Security Council Meets on Syria (7919th meeting, with link to video)

See UN WebTV, “The situation in the Middle East (Syria) – Security Council, 7919th meeting 7 Apr 2017 – 1. Adoption of the agenda 2. The situation in the Middle East (Syria). For the video…

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REPRISE: “A time to break silence”: Dr. King on the Vietnam war, and President Carter on America’s human rights violations

Fifty years ago, on April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King gave the first of two speeches that month setting forth why he was opposed to the war in Vietnam. These are discussed below, together…

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Analysis: Russia scandal closes in on Trump

With revelations of the Sessions and Kushner meetings with the Russian ambasador, the circle of suspicion is tightening around President Donald Trump himself.

Are we to believe that all of these people who had contacts with Russian officials were all free-lancing, and that Trump had no knowledge of their activities, during a prolonged period in which Trump made absolutely no criticism of Vladimir Putin or any of Russia’s actions?
Flynn represents an extraordinary danger for President Trump, as he may have been at the center of contacts with the Russians

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REPRISE: Syria: Russia’s military assault on Western civilization

First published on September 26, 2016 *** See Anne Barnard and Somni Senguptasept, “Syria and Russia Appear Ready to Scorch Aleppo,” New York Times, September 25, 2016. The world has become far removed from the…

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Leading U.S. newspapers miss story: White House press secretary says Russia must return the Crimea (Updated February 16, 2017)

Updated February 17, 2017 Leading U.S. Newspapers Miss the Biggest Story on the Ukraine in More than a Year There is a lot going on in Washington, with the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael…

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Trump’s tweets on nuclear build-up: A response to Putin’s implicit threat?

Developing See Mchael D. Shear and James Glanz, “Trump Says the U.S. Should Expand Its Nuclear Capacity,” New York Times, December 22, 2016. Shear and Glanz report: WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President-elect Donald J….

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Russian intervention in U.S. elections is flagrant violation of international law principle of non-intervention, giving rise to right to adopt countermeasures including strong economic sanctions

Developing Russia has intervened directly in the 2016 presidential and congressional elections, in a manner according to U.S. intelligence sources aimed at throwing the election to Donald Trump and to Republican Congressional candidates. The Russian…

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Aleppo — a wrenching epitaph for the failed foreign policy of Barack Obama

Developing See Marc Semo, “Alep-est livrée aux bombardements russo-syriens, dans l’indifférence des Occidentaux; La transition engagée aux Etats-Unis et les élections à venir dans plusieurs pays européens, dont la France, compliquent la donne pour la…

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Putin calls Trump, is reassured, and resumes bombing in Syria

Developing See Christina Hebel und Christoph Sydow (Moskau und Berlin), “Putins Botschaft an Trump;  Sie haben sich Zusammenarbeit zugesagt, doch während Donald Trump sich auf sein Amt vorbereitet, schafft Wladimir Putin in Syrien mit einer…