Latin America

This loony President is the most dangerous man on earth

Should we be afraid of what Trump might do in the waning days of his presidency!


This is not a joke.

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2016: Fateful time for a conversation about international law

Does any of this matter? Do we care any more about whether one country invades another by military force? Does it matter how we respond?…

Obama’s foreign policy incompetence, and what to do about it

For background, see the following articles: Victor Davis Hanson, “Is Obama Still President? National Review Online, October 29, 2013 (3:00 AM). David Ignatius, “Pitfalls of…

Chavista seizure of power through fraudulent elections and control of electoral machinery apparently underway in Venezuela

(developing story) The international news media willingly, and almost casually, reported that Nicolás Maduro, the Chavista presidential candidate in Venezuela, had been “elected” president in…