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Dénouement: Details on make-up and advances of pro-Assad forces closing in on last insurgents in Aleppo; Russia and China veto Security Council resolution

Extraordinary details regarding the composition of pro-government forces supporting Bashar al-Assad and their advances in Aleppo are contained in the following article published in Le Monde today, December 6, 2016. The fall of Aleppo is…

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With Obama having checked out, U.S. foreign policy is on auto pilot—“Do nothing”

As we have pointed out, President Barack Obama has effectively checked out of his responsibilities to vigilantly promote and defend the foreign policy interests of the United States. The country is on “Obama auto pilot”…

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2016: Fateful time for a conversation about international law

Does any of this matter? Do we care any more about whether one country invades another by military force? Does it matter how we respond? It has been 30 years, more or less, since there…

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President-elect Mauricio Macri of Argentina will request a new investigation into the death of Alberto Nisen, special prosecutor in Iran-Kirchner case

New Argentine President to Reopen Nisman Assassination Case Argentine President-elect Mauricio Macri will replace key leaders in the security and intelligence sectors once he takes ofice on December 10, 2015. Importantly, he has vowed to…

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U.S. and Cuba move toward normalization, including diplomatic relations and lifting of sanctions

(developing) See Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Randal C. Archibold, “Obama and Raúl Castro Meet, Making History,” New York Times, April 11, 2015. President Barack Obama has now moved firmly toward normalization of relations with Cuba,…

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Obama’s foreign policy incompetence, and what to do about it

For background, see the following articles: Victor Davis Hanson, “Is Obama Still President? National Review Online, October 29, 2013 (3:00 AM). David Ignatius, “Pitfalls of a ‘realist’ Middle East strategy,” Washington Post, October 30, 2013….