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Vladimir Putin, like Adolf Hitler, challenges the world

In 1938, Adolf Hitler, with German troops massed to invade Czechoslovakia, challenged the world.

Der Führer and the Third Reich engaged in a frontal assault on the entire system of international law and international peace and security, the entire international legal framework established by the 1919 League of Nations Charter and the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawing the use of aggressive war as an instrument of national policy.

The capitulation at Munich turned out to be the first step in the final collapse of the international legal order….

Putin’s threat may be parochially perceived by some in Europe as a threat to the “European Security Order”, but in fact it is much more than that. It is a frontal attack on the international legal norms and institutions which safeguard the security from military attack of every country in the world, and every territory with an established international demarcation line, such as Taiwan.

The U.S., NATO members, and other countries in the region have not risen to effectively meet the threat, or are only belatedly beginning to do so.

If the threat is as great as that outlined above, how could it be sufficient to simply threaten economic sanctions and other non-military measures in the event Russia invades Ukraine?

If these deterrent threats do not appear to be working, as preparations for a Russian invasion continue while diplomatic negotiations show no promise, is not more required?

Once the evil of war is loosed upon the world, no one can predict what course it may take. One should recall the rosy predictions in August, 1914 of those who launched WWI, expecting six weeks of hostilities. It didn’t work out as that way.

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