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Ukraine War, July 27, 2023: Ukrainian counter-offensive thrusts south in Zaporizhzhia region toward Sea of Azow; Biden must approve ATACMS

1) Joe Barnes, “Putin confirms ‘significantly intensified’ fighting as Ukraine makes major push in counter-offensive; Ukrainian forces have likely ‘managed to penetrate and drive through…

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Ukraine War, November 6, 2022 (II): International Law and the structural impediments to a ceasefire or peace settlement in Ukraine

Ukraine War, August 24, 2024: Biden and the West are doing better in supporting Ukraine and opposing Russian aggression

Ukraine War, July 3, 2022: Speak to Putin in a language he understands: the language of force

Ukraine War, June 19, 2022: Biden is lost in a fog on Ukraine; Only strong fresh winds from younger leaders can clear the air