Donald Trump — Top Articles

“Trump supporters, in and out of Congress, are undermining democracy and the rule of law,” July 26, 2017.

“It is an honor to be with you”: Trump and Putin at G-20 in Hamburg,” July 7, 2017.

“Trump’s attitude of appeasement toward Russia makes big inroads among Republican voters,” June 28, 2017.

“The Normalization of the Unforgiveable: Trump and an America which is already half lost,” May 24, 2017.

“Donald Trump and international law,” May 16, 2017.

“High crimes and misdemeanors: Flynn, Comey, and Russians in the Oval Office,” May 11, 2017.

“Trump’s tsunami of lies, The Trenchant Observer, February 7, 2017.

“What Trump has learned from Putin,” The Trenchant Observer, September 10, 2016.