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Morsi’s Coup d’Etat and Rushed Draft Constiution for Egypt (with latest English translation)

What is President Obama doing regarding Egypt that might help avoid a second Islamic dictatorship like the one in Tehran? Background articles by the Trenchant…

Border tensions with Turkey rise; 190 killed on Thursday, al-Assad defiant, P5 + 4 to meet in Geneva on Saturday—Obama’s Debacle in Syria — Update #57

On Thursday, the number of killed in Syria reached an all-time high for the year, at 190 dead, according to the New York Times: Tallies…

New massacre, some 140 killed in Syria; U.N. General Assembly meeting, Security Council consultations on Thursday—Obama’s Debacle in Syria — Update #49 (June 7)

The BBC reports, Syrian pro-government forces have killed at least 86 people in Hama province, many of them women and children, activists say (emphasis added)….