Putin the aggressor, and the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17

Developing One man, President Vladimir Putin, and one country, the Russian Federation, are responsible for launching an invasion of the Crimea and its annexation, and…

International human rights in retreat, as Iran, al-Assad, Hezbollah, and Russia gain the upper hand

It has been a hard couple of years for advocates of international human rights, and respect for international law of which they form a part….

Grave errors, repeated? The United States, France, the U.K. and Kofi Annan’s successor; Latest developments on UNSMIS, Joint Special Envoy—Obama’s Debacle in Syria — Update #76 (August 16) Revised 20:00 GMT

Updated August 16 at 20:00 GMT Latest Developments: – U.N. Security Council allows UNSMIS mission to end on August 19 – Russia pushes hard to…