coronavirus scientist’s conflicts of interest

Coronavirus: Lab origin most likely, engineered virus possible (Updated January 12, 2022)

It turns out that the analysis of the former Director of MI-6 and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists were on to something, when they laid out in great detail the facts pointing to the likelihood of a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology being the source of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has now cost over 800,000 lives in the United States alone.

Dr. Alina Chan of Harvard and MIT:

“I think the lab origin is more likely than not. Right now it’s not safe for people who know about the origin of the pandemic to come forward. But we live in an era where there is so much information being stored that it will eventually come out.”

Dr. Chan is the co-author of a book on the subject with Viscount Ridly. Lord Ridly on the dangerous nature of the experiments:

“We know now that experiments were being done at biosecurity level 2 (similar to a dentist’s office) that resulted in 10,000 times increases in infectivity of viruses and three or four times their lethality. The important thing is to stop doing these experiments that are risky.”