Francois Hollande’s dinner diplomacy with Obama and Putin; France’s decision to proceed with the sale of warships to Russia to be based in the Crimea; NATO’s failure to increase forward-based troop deployments in the East

Francois Hollande’s Dinner Diplomacy and France’s Undercutting of the West For a droll account of French President Francois Hollande’s dinner plans Thursday evening in Paris,…

Commentary on Syria and the response of the West

Latest News Reports and Commentary Aus Deutschland (1) Stefan Kornelius (Kommentar), Obama spürt die Kraft der zwei Mahlsteine, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 7. September 2013 (9:34 Uhr)….

Europe’s cowardice, and the urgent need to build a coalition of NATO members for military action in Syria

Developing story Europe’s memory and that of its politicians has proved quite short when considering whether to support an American military response to Bashar al-Assad’s…