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While Carthage Burns, Obama Dithers

If we think of Carthage not as Tripoli, but as Libya, our title makes sense. Supremely calculating, President Obama doesn’t seem motivated to do anything to prevent large numbers of Libyans, caught up in the…

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Libya—America Abdicates Global Leadership in Struggle for Democracy

Today is a sad day for the Observer, as America abdicates its moral leadership in world affairs by adopting the role of mere spectator of the life-and-death struggle for freedom in Libya. Having boldly stated…

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Zawiyah 2011 = Srebrenice 2005

While the international community moves to develop a consensus to intervene with a no-fly zone in Libya, Zawiyah is being reduced to rubble. The population of Zawiyah could be wiped out by Qadaffi’s modern weapons…