L’aggression militaire russe contre l’Ukraine

Putin’s War: the Russian invasion by regular troops and the West’s response—critical decisions loom (Updated August 30, 2014)

Updated August 30, 2014 Originally published on August 28, 2014 A new round of third-stage (Stage 3) sanctions must be really biting, with immediate effect….

U.N. Security Council emergency meeting on Ukraine (August 28, 2014) —- with link to video webcast

On Thursday, August 28, 2014, the United Nations Security Council meet in emergency session at the request of Ukraine to consider the Russian military invasion…

Russian “Invasion” or Incursion” in Ukraine? Obama and the primacy of words over actions

Barack Obama, as noted here before, places the highest priority on words, and conducting foreign policy through words, not actions. See “ISIS or ISIL? A telling…